The Importance of Every Investigation

19 Jul , 2021

Learning from experience or experiential learning is the process of learning while doing, to not fear mistakes, but to value them. It is designed to engage emotions as well as enhancing knowledge and skill. The learner is better able to connect theories and knowledge learned thru real world situations.

When a mistake/incident takes place we must learn from it, regardless of if loss takes place or not. If we take that opportunity to learn why it happened, we have a much better chance of preventing future or greater loss.

When an incident results in great loss, emotion is often engaged, that emotion should never impede on the importance that all evidence is considered and explored.

When I look at the actual and perceived loss associated with our current real world Covid 19 incident, my investigation begins with the review of data both current and historical data provided by health Canada that outlines death statistics provincially and federally and note that the data contradicts the narrative of a huge increase in deaths from 2015 to 2020.

We were told that a great risk of death and or sickness was upon our great nation in March of 2020 and severe controls were mandated.  Nonstop propaganda flooded our tv and radios to ensure we clearly understood the threat was real.

 Fast forward to March of 2021 after 3 major shut downs of our economy, unbelievable financial loss and a perception of mass deaths of our most vulnerable we see no major rise in the data.

What happened to data driven decision making?

Our governments mandated draconian controls based on "what if"?  Entrepreneurs are forced out of business, for a " just in case" scenario?

Well, it makes the critical thinker/investigator ask many "what if" questions as well. The investigation begins to study theories and knowledge from all evidence that either justifies or dismisses the requirement of such a loss.

Then, suddenly half your evidence becomes "Fake", False information", what? Interviews with subject matter experts with doctorates, degrees, noble peace prises are dismissed, debunked, censored?

The information you are allowed to consider in this investigation only comes from the bias communicated by government and its highest subsidized corporation, the media. The very same government that has established the draconian controls or mandates?

How can a proper investigation be conducted when evidence is withheld or not considered? How can an effective corrective action be implemented when even the basic cause of the loss is being determined by a bias?

It is time to engage some emotion, some integrity, use our knowledge and experience to speak up and out about the requirement for an effective Investigation, consideration of all the evidence. The suppressed info only makes one consider that someone does not want you to establish a root cause.

I think we can all agree there is huge value in establishing effective corrective actions to ensure we learn from this experience and never let it happen again.

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  • Posted On July 21, 2021 by Michelle Louth

    Corrine this is such a well thought out message and one that should be shared from both a health and safety professional point of view and from a sovereign citizens point of view! Once someone reads this; if they are not already asking questions, this will lead them to do so. Brilliant

  • Posted On July 20, 2021 by Sandi Snow

    The ruling governments will only feed us what they want us to hear.
    Takes reasonable minded persons to see through the propaganda to a country in dooms day modem.

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