We provide a variety of standard and custom services for businesses, organizations, families, and individuals. Our programs are delivered in a variety of ways: On site, at our facility, in a classroom, and online. If you are looking for something not listed please contact us.

Stallion Safety’s suite of online courses provide employers, supervisors and employees the opportunity to learn from the comfort of their own home. Explore our wide range of training programs, certifications and assessments to ensure safety and success in your organization.

Online safety training courses certified programs  
“Giving your staff the training and confidence to succeed.”

Online Safety Training

Our online safety training covers safety training and certification from a wide variety of industries. Improve your skills or train your staff without having to go to classroom lessons. 


Custom Health & Safety Programs

Custom tailored training solutions that scale to your business, organization and goals. Providing health & safety programs to large companies, individuals and just about everyone in between is our specialty. Stallion Safety will work with you to design a custom program to accommodate your health & safety needs, feel free to contact us.


Health & Safety Program Management

Supervisors who are diligent and well-versed in industry specific health & safety programs are key to incident mitigation. Conducting Field Level Hazard Assessments (FLHA), and competency in communication and due diligence will prepare supervisors for fostering a safe work environment.


Field Level Hazard Assessment (FLHA) Program

We will help design a health and safety program to provide the tools and information in order to conduct effective FLHA. It will encompass everything your supervisors and employees need to carry out daily FLHA to identify and remove hazards before incidents occur.


Subcontractor Safety Management

Ensuring health and safety standards extend to every aspect of your organization is important for your professional relationships and reputation. Stallion Safety offers everything from HIPPA compliance for covering subcontractors, as well as a wide selection of industry and job specific safety training.


ACSA Internal Audits

Completing an external Alberta Construction Service Association (ACSA) audit is key to obtaining a Certificate of Recognition (COR) by the association. Our safety professionals at Stallion Safety has over 10 years of COR auditing experience. Contact us for further information about achieving your COR.


WHMIS (GHS) & TDG Training

Update your health and safety program, and gain peace of mind with Stallion Safety’s certified Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) and Globally Harmonized System (GHS) training program. Depending on the needs and scale of your organization, online WHMIS, GHS and TDG training programs are available in-person, and online.


Alberta Transportation Training to NSC

Your bus or truck drivers must be compliant with Canada’s National Safety Code (NSC). We offer custom training plans to help you meet the standards laid out by the province of Alberta. For more information on the NSC please visit the Government of Alberta Website.


ISNet World, Complyworks & Avetta Management

We’re here to help provide a completely customized plan for achieving compliance with ISNet, Complyworks and Avetta. Managing these services effectively can save on administrative costs and streamline your organization. Contact us and we’ll develop something that will scale to the needs of your business, and eliminate any guesswork.


Monthly Safety Meetings

Monthly Safety Meetings are essential to the success of supervisors, their teams and the organization as a whole. We’ll provide a safety meeting plan, along with practical tools that will open the dialogue between management and workers for a more safety conscious workplace. Reach out to us so we can develop a concrete plan for monthly safety meetings in your organization.


WCB Case Management

You need the right tools for the job, especially when it comes to Worker’s Compensation Board related issues and cases. Avoid unnecessary costs and time consuming hurdles by making preventative measures a priority. Stallion Safety offers Occupational Health and Safety approved, and effective courses to mitigate workplace injuries and hazards across the board.


Supervisor Training and Assessments

Whether it’s provincially approved online training modules, or custom designed courses, Stallion Safety Consulting offers supervisor training to maintain safety standards. From due diligence, to incident investigation and inspection training, they’ll be equipped to meet the safety needs of your organization.


Safety Advisor’s Temp/Project/Part/Full Time

Safety Advisors make evaluations on a temporary, part time, full time and project basis. Making personalized safety evaluations and providing risk mitigation to ensure the long term success of your organization at large.


Personal and Recreational Safety Training

Stallion Safety makes safety training courses accessible for large scale operations, as well as individuals. Safety at home, and safety at play will make sure you can enjoy recreational activities with peace of mind. Online courses suitable for learning from the comfort of your own home are available for ATV’s, UTV’s and even chainsaw safety.


Family and Home Safety

Safety measures aren’t just for the workplace. Stallion Safety offers several online training courses that cover training modules designed to promote safety in every aspect of your life. Whether you’re working from home, or want to familiarize yourself with safety protocols to protect your family, these courses are essential. Lower your risk of injury, and become more safety conscious with accessible and easy to use online courses.


Annual Fall Protection Inspections

Manufactures specifications identifies that all fall protection equipment must be annually inspected by a qualified person. Stallion Safety has a qualified Inspector on staff to assist your company in meeting these requirements.


Mobile Audiometric Testing

Part 16 of the OH&S Code identifies the need for audiometric tests on workers exposed to excess noise.  We have a certified Audiometric Technician who can come to your sites to perform audio metric testing for your company to help meet this standard.

Safety Training in FLHA and workplace safety meeting

Training and Confidence at Work

Stallion Safety Consulting can also provide qualified/certified Health and Safety Advisors for your office, projects, sites for temp, unexpected coverage, specific duration and long term requirements.