Everything else about business is digital, so why are so many companies still filling out paper forms? Not only does this lead to a filing headache and lost paperwork, but you end up paying extra for admin time. Especially if someone is digitizing all that physical paperwork. Essentially, you're doing (and paying for) the work twice.

After creating, supplying, managing, and filling out thousands of safety forms over the years we decided that there had to be a better way. 


When looking for an online safety form partner we had a few requirements:


Compliance Software
Accessible via App & Desktop


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  • It had to be something people could use in the office and on the field
  • Easy to use, because we know everyone isn't a tech expert
  • The software needed to be customizable; every job site is different
  • Lots of extra features like being able to attach photos and video, add notes, time stamps, etc
  • Data is easy to find once it's added, and can still be printed
  • You can upload your older forms and keep everything in one place
  • Manage Safety Training & Competency assessments
  • Review and signoff on Policy and procedure updates

That's why we partnered with Bis Training Solutions to offer a paperless safety form system.


Why paperless


We're experts when it comes to creating and teaching safety paperwork, so why would we want to go paperless? Simply put: it's the future.

Have you (or your staff) ever arrived at a job site only to realize paperwork has been forgotten? Does paperwork sometimes get lost, misplaced, or misfiled? Are you spending too much time and money on administrative tasks related to paperwork?

Most companies have dealt with one (or all) of these problems at some point. 

By switching to paperless solutions, you not only make safety compliance and reporting easier today, but you also set your company up for tomorrow.


Digital Forms


With the forms option, you'll be able to create your own custom compliance forms. Forms can be created in the office, and filled out from a smartphone or tablet in the field. You can even set up how often a form needs to be completed, and add attachments like pictures and notes.

It's as easy as filling in fields or checking boxes and your employees will be able to easily comply with safety procedures regardless of their technology skills. 

Some examples of what you could do:

  • Digital Field Level Hazard Assessments (FLHAs)
  • Equipment management, maintenance logs, etc
  • Daily toolbox talks
  • Employee competency evaluations
  • Performance reviews

Since everything's digital, it's easy to find information later, share documents between departments quickly, and track and view aggregate data without crunching the numbers yourself.

Online safety forms


Secure Document Storage


Not everyone is ready to move to a completely digital system. You can opt out of the online forms and still safely store all your compliance documents online for your employees to access. Or add this to your package to keep track of your older records.

Employees will also be able to electronically sign forms, which is great for your remote workers or people in the field. Finally, automated and customizable organization means less admin time.


Paperless Site Inspections


On site inspections are a important safety tool for your company, but are you really doing them as effectively as possible? By converting your site inspections to digital forms, you can prevent all kinds of issues.

  • No more lost paperwork; it uploads as soon as they submit the form
  • Everything is automatically filed correctly
  • Reports are easy to share between departments; no more waiting to deliver paper copies
  • Required fields means nothing will be overlooked during a site inspection


Online training integration


After doing classroom safety training for years, we can't recommend online training enough. It's ready when you are: no more waiting for enough to do a class or accommodating the instructor's schedule. Instead, all your staff can focus on the training they need and work at their own paces.

Plus it can be done from remote locations, including home.

All of these packages include access to an on demand course library. Just pay for the training each individual needs!

There's also some great training package options that all your employees can access, which is perfect if you want to offer training for your entire company or department. 

Some pre-built safety forms are also included. Courses are added regularly. 


Our course bundle recommendations

Online safety training


Safety Essentials (BIS2006)- Starting at $3.50/user/month

  • Over 35 training courses and forms
  • A variety of topics including safety, HR, and personal growth
  • COVID-19 training
  • Standard safety essentials like fire extinguisher training, ladder safety, first aid awareness, WHIMS 2015, and more!

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Regulatory Compliance Program (MAR9495) - Starting at $5/user/month

  • Over 150 training courses and forms, including specialized courses
  • MARCOM and HAZWOPER courses
  • Hazards including asbestos, spills, and workplace

See all courses

Workplace Safety & HR Essentials (JJWSEP) - Starting at $6/user/month

  • Over 125 safety and Human Resources courses
  • Everything from diversity to active shooter training
  • HAZWOPER training

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Compliance Software accessible via App & Desktop


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