We offer a variety of on-site safety training programs. Many of our training materials can also be purchased through the Stallion Safety online store for you to download and use in your workplace.

Some training is also available online.

Some of our training programs include:


  • Supervisor Due Diligence Training
  • Incident Investigation Training
  • Alberta Commercial Vehicle NSC Training
  • WHMIS & TDG Training
  • Flagger Training
  • Skid Steer Loader Training
  • Counter Balance Forklift Training
  • Rough Terrain Forklift Training
  • Aerial Lifts Training
  • Scissor Lifts Training
  • Aerial Boom Lifts Training
  • Baby Safe Training
  • Fire Safe Training
  • Chain Saw Level 1 Training
  • ATV & UT Training
  • Basic Rigging Training
  • Overhead Crane Training
Industrial training services offered by Stallion Safety Consulting
Training to protect everyone.

Industrial training services offered by Stallion Safety Consulting

On site, classroom, or
online training available.

Industrial training services offered by Stallion Safety Consulting

Keeping our industry safe.

Supervisor Training

We can tailor custom programs for your company’s supervisors to help them maintain your safety standards.

Supervisor training courses include:

  • Supervisor Due Diligence Training
  • Legislation Training
  • Incident Investigation Training
  • Inspections
  • New & Young workers

NSC Training

Your bus or truck drivers must be compliant with Canada’s National Safety Code (NSC.) We offer custom training plans to help you meet the standards laid out by the province of Alberta. For more information on the NSC please visit the Government of Alberta Website.

WHIMIS & TDG Training

We follow all government safety standards with our WHMIC and TDG Training programs.

WHIMIS (The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) is the standard labelling system for all hazards in Canada. Some labelling and standards have been revaluated in 2015 and the government is phasing in these new standards. Contact us to set up your updated training program to keep everyone in your company safe and educated.

TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods) is regulated by the Government of Canada. We comply with all government standards to provide an education program that will give you the tools and knowledge to transport dangerous goods safely.

Skid Steer Loader Training

The Skid Steer Loader Training course will ensure that your operators will receive an in-depth instruction on the design and safe use of skid steer loaders with classroom training and operational training.

The morning will be a classroom session, where students will learn about:

  • Regulations
  • Industry standards
  • Pre-use inspections
  • General safe use of skid steers

The afternoon will be hands on where students will familiarize themselves with the equipment by :

  • Doing pre-use inspections
  • Familiarize oneself with the controls
  • General safe use of skid steer
  • Operating the skid steer

Once the students are comfortable with the skid steer there will an individual assessment of their competency on the use of the equipment, followed by a test.

Flagger Training

We can create a custom training program to help your safety team flag correctly. Flagging is a valuable safety tool to direct traffic and it’s important all company members are familiar with the standard methods and symbols so everyone can communicate safely.

Counter Balance Forklift Training

Students will enjoy a full day of classroom theory and operational training! Once completed the classroom session and test, they will work directly with the forklift to complete inspections, safe operation techniques, load handling and ramp and dock familiarization. After becoming comfortable with the forklift they will complete an individual assessment of their competency on the equipment.

The Students will be given operational training and practice on:

  • Start up
  • Refueling
  • Pre-operation inspection
  • Load handling
  • Load pickup and placement
  • Load selection and securement
  • Traveling with and without a load
  • Ramp work and other job site hazards.

Training Available on our equipment, our site or your equipment, your site.

Aerial Lifts Training

The Aerial Lift training course is a comprehensive method of ensuring that your operators receive and evaluation that meets or exceeds all applicable government regulations and referenced industry standards! Students will receive in-depth instruction on the design and safe use of aerial lifts.

The course includes two parts, Classroom Session and operational training.

Classroom will consist of:

  • Legislations and industry standards
  • Pre-use Inspection
  • General Safe use of Aerial lift in theory

Hands on will consist of:

  • Pre use Inspections
  • Practical training on the use of the aerial Lift
  • Safe operational use.

Once students are comfortable operating the Aerial lift a individual operational assessment will be done on each student. Followed by a written test.

We provide tailored courses to keep your home and your family safe all year.

Safety at Home

Some safety programs we provide for families are:

  • Home or business child proofing services
  • Custom home emergency plans/drills
  • Fire safety awareness and training
  • General home safety audits

Some of our home training programs are available online – click here for details.

Safety at Play

  • ATV/UTV/Snowmobile Safety
  • Chainsaw Safety


If you need any more information about our on-site training programs please contact Stallion Safety Consulting.