Fear & Trauma in Occupational Safety & Health

28 May , 2021


In March of 2020 terrifying images of people dropping in the streets started to emerge on Mainstream media. Everyone was terrified that a real threat to our very lives was playing out in front of us.  As time went on many of us in safety started to investigate what was going on, the virus, the deaths, the severity, and probability of this effecting our lives.  We were all dealing with the Trauma of what if! (Trauma results from an event or series of circumstance that is experienced by an individual as physically and emotionally harmful or threatening and that has lasting adverse affects on the individuals physical, emotional, social, or spiritual well being)

The COVID-19 event became a life experience that involved actual or perceived threats to our safety or the safety of those we love. This threat brough feelings of helplessness and fear, and we were unable to make sense or come to terms with the event as it was unfolding. My Occupational Safety and Health Training, OHS Awareness and the ability to follow a Basic Hazard Assessment program lead me and my team to define that circumstance quickly and clearly stared to demonstrate an abuse of power, betrayal of trust, entrapment, pain, confusion, helplessness, and/or loss.

Over the last year of dealing with COVID we have found ourselves directly involved in this traumatic experience, we have become stuck with our nervous system, unable to complete its cycle, and is now holding us a victims in a flight, fight or freeze state. Trauma tends to be subjective, so what may traumatize one person, may not another. That is why some people seek to find answers, alternate possibilities others simply just do what they are told. Any Safety management course or Health & Safety Awareness training would lead an individual to a subjected conclusion as peer groups influence many of our decisions depending on perceived risks.

In the Case of COVID 19 the government and the media has ensured that you truly feel a overwhelmed sense of fear, a loss of personal safety, that you maintain social isolation and distance yourself from the ones you love and care about!  They have shamed us for thinking anything differently or for even stepping out of the narrative and asking for proof. They have even manipulated your friends and family to do the same.  All without proof of their reality!

Related to the Covid-19 this Pandemic is a tsunami of trauma that people are dealing with.

Trauma being that COVID 19 is the perceived threat to one’s safety or to a loved one, individuals are unable to make sense of the event, they feel helpless, confused, unable to make sense of what’s going on, they loose trust, feel trapped in the situation and fell pain and fear. This Trauma vs experience makes them feel stuck deeply holding its victim in a fight or flight state.

As a Occupational Health & Safety Consultant that mentors management and supervision on the importance of Hazard and Risk assessment, one of the key important parts of my training is to teaching them why!  Why is it important to analyze risks, why is this or that control required to be implemented to reduce risk or remove a hazard to complete a job safely.  I generally refer them to data, experience and outcome of similar events.  What can go wrong and how bad can it be?  These are OSHA Construction standards and are the bases for buy in from your peers.

    When looking at this from a COVID perspective they (the powers in question) told us the expected 44,000 deaths if 10% of the population were to become infected, over a year later we now know that 3.4% of the population has tested positive and half of the expected deaths had occurred, most due to other health issues. So you must ask yourself if there is a low risk of probability and severity, why the controls?

15 months later we are still tied to these projections and living in a “what if cycle”.  They have wrapped us in confusion, 10 people can go to a funeral, yet only 5 can go to a wedding, and no one can just go to church, yet 250 can go to a big box store.  Many Doctors have spoken out about medications that are available to treat COVID-19, inexpensive treatments that may have prevented many deaths, yet those doctors are censored.  Instead, nonstop propaganda on how important it is that every person inject themselves with an experimental substance(vaccine) that is approved on an Emergency use basis only and in clinical trails killed every animal tested on.

The SDS for the nonmedical ingredients of the “Vaccine” is SM-102 (its formal name: 8-[(2-hydroxyethyl)[6-oxo-6-(undecyloxy)hexyl]amino]-octanoic acid, 1-octylnonyl ester) its Acute Tox. 4 – Harmful if swallowed, Skin Irrit. 2 H315 Causes skin irritation, Eye Irrit. 2A Causes Serious eye irritation and Aquatic Acute 3 – Harmful to aquatic life. It also included the statement “For research use only, not for human or veterinary use.”

I got into providing safety consultant services to assist companies in having effective safety management programs and hazard management programs. I have had to step back from this as I watch employers attempt to navigate thru the propaganda, insane rules, mandates, and ineffective and sometimes unsafe controls just to manage a risk that does not even register as a risk in an environment where focus should be on the task instead of the Boogey man!

Fear and Trauma that has now perpetuated to create so many more mental hazards for the common worker, confusion for the average supervisor and handcuffed almost every manager to continue the cycle. Uncertainty is the New Norm and Not an acceptable practice when dealing with Occupational Safety & Health Management and certainly not acceptable when it involves workers well being and health.

Workplace safety training, Industry training, Health & Safety Awareness training & OHS awareness training are all good places to start, understand the risks of how COVID-19 can affect your workforce, in relation to well being and health, its education and support.  Remove the Fear and Trauma by providing real data not propaganda, educate on real solutions like staying home if you do not feel well, practice good hygiene, respect personal space and as a business never force or threaten your workers into something that they do not want just to benefit the business.  Respect goes a long way, and it is something earned thru understanding and an effective Hazard management policy.

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