Safety Watch Training Package


This package is designed for training a safety watch.  We have gathered all the information and competencies needed to train a safety watch.  We also included all the trackers.  

This package includes:

  • Safety Watch-Roles & Responsibilities
  • Air Trailer safe Work Practice 
  • Air Trailer Knowledge Quiz & answer Key
  • Air Trailer Monitoring
  • Atmospheric Testing Records
  • Benzene Code of Practice
  • Bottle Cart Knowledge Quiz & answer key
  • CAL LOG Template
  • Confined Space Code of Practice
  • Confined Space Entry Code of Practice
  • Confined Space Entry Knowledge Quiz & answer key
  • Confined Space Personnel Tracking
  • Gas Detection & Monitors Safe Work Practice 
  • Gas Detection Competency Checklist
  • Gas Testing Knowledge Quiz & answer key
  • H2S Code of Practice
  • NORM Safe Work Practice
  • NORM Knowledge Quiz & Answer Key
  • Respiratory Code of Practice
  • SABA Competency Checklist
  • SCBA Competency Checklist
  • Safety Watch Skills Attest Exam & Answer key