Incident Investigation Package


The incident reporting is a very important part of any safety managment program.  We have built a package with all the required documents to help.  This package includes:

  • Employee Statement
  • Witness Statement
  • Incident & Injury Management Policy
  • Incident Classification & Reporting to help with classifying an incident.
  • Incident Investigation Checklist to make sure you have all the information needed to complete an investigation.
  • Incident Investigation Questionnaire of important questions to ask when doing an investigation.
  • Incident Investigation Timeline of Events to help with recalling important information.
  • Incident Management Flow gives the information of who to contact after an incident.
  • Notification of Work Limitations forms are to used with a healthcare professional to inform a company of any work limitations a worker may have.
  • Non-Occupational form for when a worker is injured or has an illness off the job that has effected their ability to complete their work.
  • Offer of Modified work when an injury has happened that effects a employees ability to complete their work.
  • Incident Investigation Report
  • Vehicle Incident Investigation Report
  • Workplace Harassment & Security Incident Investigation Report
  • Company YTD Statistics & Trending to help track incidents and the leading indicators of incidents.

Format:.doc & excel