Health & Safety Committee or Representative Training
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Health & Safety Committee or Representative Training


The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act and Part 13 of the OHS Code give the legal requirements for HSCs and HS representatives in Alberta. This requirement is also outlined in the Canadian Labor Standards.

Part 13 Code requirements of the OHS Code sets out requirements for employers in relation to HSC and HS representatives. Along with their duties in relation to establishing HSC membership, employers must: • Ensure the HSC develops a written terms of reference that includes the elements specified in the code. • Keep a record of HSC member or HS representative names and contact information. • Clearly post how to contact the HSC or HS representative at all applicable work sites. (Or share by another means, if the HSC or HS representative agree.) • Keep HSC special meeting minutes readily available for two years, in case either an HSC member or Alberta OHS officer wants to see them. • Ensure HSC members or HS representatives are trained per code requirements. 

This training provides you an opportunity to train all requirements in house and includes a knowledge quiz and answer key.