Skid Steer Training

Hands on with the trainer was very helpful and informative

Skid Steer Training

Instructor kept the mood light and easy with the odd joke and story. Hands on training with instruction and close supervision made me feel comfortable.

Skid Steer Training

Good material, excellent instructor and perfect delivery for the information.

Boom Training

Easy to understand, great use of models. Very hands on

Bobcat Training

Trainers were easy going and talked to us with respect


Some of the satisfied companies we have provided safety consulting services to:

  • Primco Dene Lp
  • Seven Lakes Oilfield Service
  • Lyn-Den Oilfield Services
  • Burgers Oilfield Services
  • Axani Bro’s Trucking
  • Magnum Energy Services
  • Mikisu Millwright
  • Lloyd’s Millwright
  • Pine Ridge Services
  • Trinity Oilfield Services
  • BROC Management
  • Smart Electrical Services
  • Ansels Refrigeration
  • Boxer Valve
  • Nichols Oilfield Services
  • Double D Bobcat Services & Contracting Ltd
  • Goose Maintenance Ltd
  • Inspectrite Services Inc
  • Rapid Response EMT Services Ltd
  • Unearthed Contracting Ltd

Who recommends
Stallion Safety Consulting?

Primco Dene Lp

Seven Lakes Oilfield Service

Trinity Oilfield Services

+ many more happily satisfied customers around the Lakeland and Alberta all recommend Stallion Safety Consulting!